How to channel your message to the right audience?

by Neeraj Sujan

I recently read two great books: Great Leads and Breakthrough Advertising. The premise of the book is discovering our target audience and delivering the right message to the right type of audience.

In this post, I discuss some of the core components of your market, how to identify unseen markets and the right strategy to customize your message to win more prospects.

In any given industry, there are usually 5 levels of awareness your market possesses.

  1. Aware
  2. Product Aware
  3. Solution Aware
  4. Problem Aware
  5. Unaware

As a pre-sales engineer, it is important to understand the awareness level of your customer. A customer who is totally unaware that a problem exists needs a very different message than someone who is already aware of your product or solution.

Let’s start by understanding these 5 awareness levels and the message that the target audience is interested in listening to


Customers who are unaware of your solutions are the ones who don’t know if a problem exists or they need to change something about their business. They are the customers who need to be shown that there is a problem in the industry and if not acted upon what would be the consequences in the future.

Problem Aware

Problem aware customers are the ones who know they have a problem that they desperately need to solve but are unaware or unsure if a solution to solve their problem is available in the market. Problem aware customers are the ones who would be found at conferences and tech events. At this stage, you as a solution provided need to listen to your potential customer actively try to find the real problems the customer is facing, not the ones the customer says he has.

Solution Aware

Solution Aware customers are the ones who are actively looking for solutions in the market. They are the ones reading white papers, have even made a list of all the existing solutions out there and just need a little more convincing as to how your solution can alleviate their problems and make their lives easier. A solution could be as simple as providing a data-labeling tool for preparing datasets to as complex as a unified solution to do data-analytics. At this stage, you would be doing a demo of your solution to see how your solution can impact one of these 3 indicators

  1. Cost
  2. Revenue
  3. Risk

Product Aware

Someone who is product aware is convinced your solution could possibly help them but is having trouble making a decision. Product aware customers need to be showed how your solution can help them cross a bridge from point A to point B. A product aware customer is usually looking for metrics that are quantifiable like the ROI or the added value the customer gets if he invests in your solution. Your focus at this stage should be more on the benefits and less on the technical features of your solution. You need to have a thorough understanding of your customer’s industry and business.


Someone who is very aware needs just a little more push to invest in your solution. The ones who are aware are usually busy or have a lot going on that they forget to close the deal. At this stage, it’s important to stay in touch with your prospects and guide them in crossing the bridge.

I hope you liked this post. Do check out the two books, I listed above.

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