On Transforming One’s Life

by Neeraj Sujan

Dear Reader,

Do you get up in the morning and feel tired and lethargic? Do you long for the weekend and do you at times feel life is slipping by and you are not accomplishing your goals you have set for yourself. If the answer to any of those questions was a resounding yes, then you might want to read this post carefully.

In this post you will discover

  1. 1
    The secret to living a fulfilling life.
  2. 2
    3 reasons why are not where you want to be; it has got nothing to do with your hard-work and determination
  3. 3
    How to take back control over your life?

The INU Method to living a fulfilling life

All your life you have been brought up to focus on the most urgent and pressing matters like completing the assignment, or writing that email etc. You have been bombarded with these urgent matters that you have stopped focussing on the important things in your life. So what are these important things, and why are they so important for your overall well-being

3 Steps to a more fulfilling life

The well-being of a human being is based three important factors namely your emotional well-being, your physical well-being, and your spiritual well-being. I call it the EPS system to living a joyous life.

Mental well-being

Your mental well-being is of primary importance. Without a focussed mind, you cannot complete any project or assignment. In order to develop your mental strength, do the following activities every day

  • Drink a bottle of water after you get up.
  • Get ready to sit down in a meditative postion
  • Close your eyes and slowly stop thinking of anything else. Bring all your energy at one place-your forehead.
  • Breathe in and out, and do this exercise for 25-30 minutes
  • Stay consistent with this activity for the next 3 months

Physical well-being

Developing a strong physique will help you compliment your mental strength. I want you to take note of the following activities to enable you to be a stronger person

  • Join a crossfit-box
  • Start slow and train in a group. Your local crossfit-box would be the perfect option.
  • Train 3 times a week
  • Compliment your fitness routine with an appropriate nutrition.
  • Keep doing this activity for the next 6 months and get amazed by the tranformation your body undergoes.

Spiritual well-being

Spiritual well-being is a journey that never stops. Spiritual well-being is looking inwards and staying true to your core values and beliefs. It is channeling all your energy to look inwards; the answer to all your questions and worries lie deep within you.

The question arises -- How do you develop the strength to look inwards

  • Read a book everyday. Read books that enrich your life and elevate you and take you to the next level. 
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Start writing and journaling.
  • Do creative things like poetry, craft, dance anything that stimulates your mind and helps you connect with your true self

If you managed to read this far, that means you are interested and invested in changing your life. This method was inspired by the famous book "7 habits of Highly Effective People". Use this method to focus on the important things that should matter in your life.

Don't waste any more time and start taking the first step in transforming your life; the jounrey to a mountain starts with the first step. 

It's the process and systems that you set in place that matters and not the destination.

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